I love pie.

I don't bake and I'm as cheap as the day is long, so for the most part, I only get my pie fix around the holidays. People PIE IS BETTER THAN CAKE, have it at weddings and birthday parties!

Okay, sorry I'll calm down. Anyway, there may be a solution to my pie woes. M&M's is bringing back their Wal-Mart exclusive pecan pie flavor. I had no idea that it was even a thing before.

According to WideOpenEats.com this is the fourth year the treat has been on shelves during the holidays. To be honest I'm a little torn on the idea of pie flavored M&M's. there are already about 20 flavors I have yet to try, I think there's a jalapeno flavor floating around out there.

I'll give em a try.

How do you say pecan? pecan or pecan? Oh, this is written I guess that doesn't work. I say it whichever way is more annoying to the person I'm talking to.

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