A pizza delivery driver in Louisville, Kentucky wasn't about to let a little thing like a stab wound that collapsed his lung stop him from doing his job.

25-year-old Josh Lewis was delivering pizza to a hospital when he was attacked outside in broad daylight. The attacker stabbed Lewis, then drove away in his Jeep Cherokee.

Despite a collapsed lung and heavy blood loss, Lewis completed his delivery to the hospital, which unfortunately didn't have an emergency room. After handing over the pizzas and collapsing, he was rushed to another nearby hospital where he underwent surgery. He's expected to be alright. Unfortunately, the suspect is still on the loose with Lewis' Jeep.

The manger of Spinelli's Pizza, Lewis' employer, told WLKY-TV that the business is working on "a way to help Lewis and his family."

This story is just another reminder of the risk delivery drivers take to get our food to us. It's something to keep in mind when it comes to calculating a tip.