Anytime you go flying, there's a lot that goes into the process of getting ready for the flight. Preparing yourself for getting on the plane, making sure you get to the airport to get through security, and of course, the dreaded event known as packing.

Most of time, we make it through air travel pretty well don't we? Well there's always the chance that we could arrive the airport a little later than usual, or we aren't able to get food before we get onto the plane. But for the most part, we get to our destination with little trouble.

There's one thing some don't factor in however. What is that you ask? The journey back to wherever we live.

Forgetting something is a very scary thought, and for one family, the loss of a very important doll was almost a reality, until one individual stepped in to save the day.

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A Pilot From American Airlines And A Mission Completed

WFAA has the story of a family and how their young daughter had lost her best friend, a doll named Beatrice:

When the family returned from a trip to Tokyo, Beatrice was nowhere to be found. The family looked through all their items, even calling the airport to see if it was left there, but to no avail. The family then turned to online sphere with a post in the hopes of someone, somewhere to find Beatrice.

Eventually, a neighbor close to the family, James Danen, was the pilot was took the on the job of finding the treasured doll. Due to his frequent trips to Tokyo, his mission was simple, find Beatrice and bring her home.

The first trip brought no appearance of Beatrice, but the second time was the charm. After a Beatrice was found, she herself went on a few adventures, complete with pictures, and returned safely home.

This can only be described as a heartwarming story, and a salute to First Officer James Danen from American Airlines.

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