The world is in turmoil. Citizens are feeling like targets and peace officers everywhere feel vulnerable. But the city of Belton sets an important example the rest of the world needs to learn from.

After the police brutalities from early last week and the Dallas Shooting on Thursday evening, the good people of Texas really need a tick in the win column. Over the weekend, the Belton Police Department got a glimpse of how much they are appreciated around these parts.

Belton Police Department

From pizza and homemade cookies, to cupcakes and barbecue - the citizens of Belton wanted to make sure that their boys and girls in blue felt appreciated and not despised.

I'd say the message is clear. One bad seed does not ruin an entire crop - whether it's the Black Lives Matter movement or fatal mistakes by certain policemen who shouldn't have such authority, the mistakes of a few should not punish the many.

Belton Police Department

All I ask is you, a member of a civil society, look at both sides and try to be understanding of the fact that we're all human. "An eye for an eye" only makes sense when the receiving party deserves it.