The friendly past-time of beer pong has been around as long as we can remember. Friends gathering around the table, tossing pong balls into cups... Good times. Texas singer-songwriter Thom Shepherd stopped by the station to challenge Danny, Sean, and myself to a game of beer pong, and here's the video of what happened.

I thing we're going to invest in a beer pong table of our own for the radio station so we can do this every Friday afternoon. That's some kinda fun right there, and Danny Merrell is pretty dang good -- makes you wonder how he got so good right?! The World Championship of Beer Pong in Las Vegas, Nevada is coming up January 1-5 2015. We're loading the KICKS 105 van now and headed out there with Merrell tied up in the back. VEGAS or bust!

Watch Thom Shepherd's 'Beer Pong Anthem' now: