Recently, Texas has been living up to the Wild West mantra hasn't it? Sightings of creatures not normal to the area have been ramping up. It does make some wonder why more and more of these keep happening.

Maybe the animals around the world are discovering the wonders of Texas? I mean, there are a lot of different types of flora in the state. Could the extreme heat be a cause too?

Regardless, one area of Texas has spotting another interesting creature, this time not on land, but in the sea itself.

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Port Aransas, Texas And The Animal In The Depths Of The Sea

We turn our eyes towards Tik Tok where a recent viral video shows the moment individuals discover the animal swimming alongside them:

Ok, we can all say it, HOLY MOLEY! That is one big sea animal in the state of Texas. But how exactly did a whale shark end up in the Lone Star State and this close?

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the shark roams in warm waters, so the Texas heat definitely helped our shark friend come visit, close to the shore too. The news organization also stated that Whale Sharks don't want to cause harm to humans either which is swell isn't it?

But let's all be real with each other for a moment. Seeing that creature for the first time would definitely unnerve somebody right? Especially after learning it has nearly 3,000 teeth!

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