EDITOR'S NOTE: Originally, the author of this piece misspelled the town of Port Aransas as Port Arkansas. We have fixed the misspelling.

We've discussing time and time again of the animals you can run into while living or visiting the Lone Star State. From coyotes who are just trying to protect their pups, to tarantulas somehow finding the Texas appealing. Heck, even ants have made a resurgence too!

But mostly, these animals are ones that we manage to come across with some expectation that there's a chance we'll inadvertently see them. These animals are out in the open for us to spot. But what about another situation where the animal in question is burrowed underground?

One resident of Texas recently experienced this, and we have to be honest, this is a new creature we've never seen before.

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One Big Animal Putting The Star In Lone Star State

According to MySanAntonio, while in Port Aransas, Texas, a individual named Christina Biery walking the beach spotting something that many would just have to stop and either look or stare in awe at:

My goodness...I mean just look at how big that thing is! It certainly fits the mantra of "everything is bigger in Texas." But what exactly is this animal called? We can't just call it "Big Texas Starfish."

As it turns out, it has a more official name. It is called a "Gray Sea Star." You can find finer details about our big friend here. But when MySanAntonio spoke to TPWD, they revealed the creature appeared because waters were irregular due to various weather conditions, and the waters brought them from under the water to above the water.

Safe to say, while harmless, seeing a starfish that big is jarring! Hopefully they won't get any bigger, otherwise we'll have to be like this:

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