Weather in Texas is unpredictable, we all know how it can be. The way summers reach temps over 100 degrees, to when the cold comes through the state. We all worry about various facets of life when the weather becomes extreme.

From protecting ourselves to taking care of the area around us, there's a lot to consider. We have to check many boxes before temps rise or drop. But there's another item that many residents in the state think about.

The Texas power grid has worried many an individual in the state. We all remember the freezes that the state has recently gone through. But a new possible rule might bring some relief to those who worry about the grid, if it indeed comes to pass.

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Potential Connection Of Texas Power Grid To The National Grid

According To The Texas Standard, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is thinking about a requirement for the Lone Star State to be linked with the national grid. With this prospective link, the grid could be less stressed during times of dire usage.

The Texas Standard interviewed Washington-based economics correspondent for the Houston Chronicle, James Osborne, who said while the TX grid does well enough during the summer, it's the previously mentioned cold that could bring about the change.

But currently, according to Osbourne, this plan is still in it's infancy. It is unknown how the rule will be written, or even if Texas would agree to joining of the grid.

Would you be in favor of the union of the Texas power grid with the nation's? Let us know by sending us a message on our free station app.

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