A grandmother and child in state of Texas were recently harmed by a downed power line. Here's what is known at the time of writing.

How Nathan And Charlotte Winters Were Harmed

As reported by KHOU 11, Morgan Winters, the mother of Nathan, described what happened.

Per Morgan, On Monday June 3rd, Charlotte had recently brought back Nathan to her RV after he was finished with camp. After a storm caused the power to be taken out, they made the decision to leave the area. While leaving, a power line which had been knocked over by the storm was noticed by the pair.

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Thinking of the neighbors in the area, they got out of the vehicle to tell the neighbors, but even though they weren't near the downed power line, both Nathan and Charlotte were shocked. Morgan told KHOU 11 that "It rained earlier in the day so with the ground being wet, they believe they could have affected and could have caused them to be electrocuted as well.”

Nathan And Charlotte Taken To Hospital For Treatment

KHOU 11 reported that Nathan suffered burns on 20% of his body, and Charlotte was on 55% of her body. Skin grafts for Nathan came from his own skin, while Charlotte received skin grafts from a donor. As stated by Morgan:

“My mom, about 55 percent of her body is burned with second and third-degree burns...Without these donations of blood, plasma, or somebody’s loved one being willing to donate their skin after they pass, my family wouldn’t be alive right now.”

If you wish to help with the expenses for their care, a GoFundMe has been started. As this is a developing story, we will have more information when it becomes available.

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