I've come across a lot of good samaritan videos that show people "pranking" those less fortunate, but in a good way.  The latest good samaritan is very light on the "good" in my opninion.

In what is I'm sure a nod to the "bum fights" videos that disgrace the internet, a good samaritan wanted to give two homeless men the chance to arm wrestle for $100.  The winner took the $100, gave half to the losing arm wrestler and was given even more money because of his generosity.

I know it's ultimately for the sake of entertainment, but it just seems degrading.  To make two men, down on their luck, arm wrestle in a public spectacle is insulting.  These two guys spend their days begging for the public's generosity and are glad to take the money, but what's the point of all the arm wrestling?  Why not just give $100 to them?  Why make them put on a public display for it?  It screams of barbarian entertainment in Roman times.

Maybe I'm just a little too sensitive to this today.  What do you think?  Watch the video and see if I'm overreacting.