I had a great time at Precious Memories on Good Neighbor Day.  I hope you got your free dozen roses.

Free Roses!

Precious Memories in Temple celebrates Good Neighbor Day every year, to spread kindness and good cheer.  Everybody who stopped by Tuesday got a dozen roses, one to keep and 11 to give away.  I gave at the office!

We also collected dry goods for the Ronald McDonald House food pantry.  Thanks to McDonald's for the free breakfast and coffee and to Ralph Wilson Youth Club for the free sausage wraps we had for lunch.  I was supposed to bring one back for Peter but I ate it.   Hey, I shared the roses!

One of our biggest fans picked up her free roses, and free coffee and free breakfast!

What you missed Good Neighbor Day?? OMG!!!  I guess Precious Memories will have to do it again next year. Just for You!