Only a little over a week to go before the 'Pretty Little Liars' Season Four finale is here and we're all ready to find out whether or not Mrs. DiLaurentis could be A and to talk all things Season Five.

Keep on reading to see what the show's executive producer and director have to say about both.

First up is our brand new contender for A, Mrs. DiLaurentis, who has been shady to Spencer with her apparent threats and even to Ashley Marin in a sneak peek for tomorrow's episode 'Unbridled.'

When asked about whether or not Ali's mom is A, executive producer Marlene King replied, "Well a lot of that comes out in the finale."

"Alison really does share with the PLL's what happened the night she died and it's in a chronological order. And believe us, you're not going to want to miss the final 30 seconds. It's absolutely mind-blowing," she went on to add.

With the Season Four finale however comes the beginning of Season Five, which is already being teased by director Norman Buckley on Instagram.

As he wrote to fans -- complete with a photo of the first Season Five script currently titled 'Untitled' -- "Hey #PLL fans: Look what I have! Prep starts tomorrow."

So will Season Five see the return of Caleb like we all want? Will it see the removal of Ezra from the script, as actor Ian Harding is pretty sure is an inevitability?

Tune into 'PLL' tomorrow (March 11) on ABC Family at 8PM ET to see what new twists are in store.