Need something to tide you over between now and the return of 'Pretty Little Liars' on June 10? Here's a hint: what do some running Liars, a hospital room, and a dastardly conniving Mona all have in common.

Read on to find out!

The answer is the Season 5 premiere, which will feature all of these things.

The 'PLL' cast is currently in the midst of filming 'EscApe from New York' and actress Ashley Benson revealed that the episode will feature a ton of running.

As she wrote on Twitter:

Seems that the whole episode won't be focused around running from or to danger though, when we last left Ezra he had been shot and will be spending his time in a hospital room.

Executive producer Marlene King even shared a photo of the set on Instagram.

No worries though, all signs point to Ezra living and he and Aria possibly making Ezria a thing again.

Mona herself (along with Lucas, Noel, and Paige) will also be returning in the episode, with Mona back to her old ways. Meaning her not very trustworthy ways.

As actress Janel Parrish teased to E!, "Mona always has tricks up her sleeve. I'm never worried about that girl. She always lands on her feet, somehow and it's so much fun."

Season 5 kindly hurry up please. The ABC Family June 10 premiere seems so far away.