The cast of 'Pretty Little Liars' was at PaleyFest on Sunday (March 16) and while there they were not shy about sharing spoilers for tomorrow's Season 4 finale or what to expect in Season 5.

Oh, and they also recreated that Oscars selfie. Amazing.

First things first, those spoilers.

As executive producer Marlene King explained (via Entertainment Weekly), the finale will contain an Aria and Ezra twist for the former couple, as well as answer plenty of questions. As she told the 2,000-fan audience, "You guys have earned those. You have been very patient with us."

They also discussed the return of Caleb, who will be back in the fifth episode of the fifth season, which is also the landmark 100th episode. Huzzah! Although the writers were hush hush on whether he would immediately reunite with Hanna or not, as she has several new men in her life.

Rest assured though 'Ravsenwood' fans, the short-lived spin-off will be resolved within 'PLL.' Joe Dougherty (the other executive producer) told the crowd, "We are going to [resolve it] in a satisfactory way, as not to leave you hanging. We knew where we were going, but they [the network] told us to get off the train."

Ali will also be returning to Team Liar in Season 5, which will "cause the dynamic to change drastically."

As actress Sasha Pieterse explained, "She’s now the victim. When it was the five of them, Ali always had them under her thumb. [Now they] have to find out the pain that she has felt. Welcoming her back is going to be not as easy as it should be."

King went on to say that the return of Ali will affect each girl in a different way, as well as their love interests and that, "It feels like a whole new show."

And if all that wasn't enough, they teased that a musical episode is "not impossible" and that King talks about taking the show to the big screen on a regular basis. Possibly when the show ends.

Then there was that photo opportunity we mentioned.

As Keegan Allen wrote of the selfie (above) on his Instagram, "Recreating oscar selfie with #pll cast at the Dolby theater. In the same place as @theellenshow -the spirit of social media love to the fans"

We love this cast so much.

You can catch the thrilling Season 4 finale 'A is for Answers' tomorrow (March 18) at 8PM ET on ABC Family.