We've been hyped up about this for weeks and now the 'Pretty Little Liars' Season Four finale promo is finally here. We must admit, it looks more amazing than we could have imagined.

Proceed below for a spoiler-ific unpacking of the video.

As the promo promises, next week's episode will contain "the most shocking moment in Liar history." But what could it be!?!

Based on some details from the video we know that when Ali finally tells all (as we've been promised she would), we will find out who buried her alive the night she disappeared.

As Alison explains in the promo to her friends, "She thought I was dead. I was trying to tell her I was alive." A statement which certainly hints that the culprit may not be Spencer after all as Spencer's regained memories would have us believe (Ali wouldn't refer to Spencer as "she" if she were sitting right there). Either way, whoever did the burying was definitely a woman.

Even more shocking however is a scene in which all the girls are on a rooftop and a gun-toting Hanna, backed by her friends, are demanding that a hooded figure remove his or her mask. Oh man, we have a feeling this is gonna be a fantastic finale.

Assuming we see who is behind the mask if course. And seeing as this is 'PLL' you never know.

And just when you thought you couldn't handle more, Melissa Hastings, Ian, nerdy Mona, Noel Kahn (who may or may not be helping Ali), Ezra and Jenna look like they will all be back in flashback form.

You can tune into the Spring Finale of 'Pretty Little Liars' on ABC Family at 8PM ET next Tuesday, March 18 where hopefully all or at least some will be revealed.