Brr, it's cold here in Central Texas, and you can tell this is not our normal!

We've heard from our news partners at KWTX  that we should be expecting a wintry mix this weekend, but I don't think anyone expected what we've seen so far today.

Across Central Texas we're experiencing scattered freezing rain, and the roads are dangerously icy. I for one, thought that today would be pretty average and that Friday would be the day we saw inclimate weather. Boy was I wrong.

Let me take you through my morning.

First I got up and ready per usual. Next, I needed to take my pup out to potty. As I've stated previously I am a huge advocate for protecting your animals against harsh winter conditions. Despite his complaints, my pup Sonny was fitted with a sweater and a jacket so that he was ready to face the cold.

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 Then I thought I was ready to head to the studio. To my surprise all of my car doors were frozen shut! I was getting frustrated but luckily I was able to pry open my back door to climb inside. Of course since it's so cold, I thought it would be a good idea to stop at Starbucks for something hot.

My first two minutes of driving were okay, but suddenly it started raining, and the rain was automatically freezing on my windshield. I was able to pull over safely and put my hazards on until my car could catch up on defrosting.

Once I finally made it Starbucks I discovered none of my windows would roll down. Perfect. I pushed the door open and got my goodies and headed on to work. Slowly, very very slowly.

All of this to say, be careful out there Central Texans! We aren't made for this weather.


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