A professional eater who has won competitions around the world made a stop in Belton over the weekend at Studebaker's Pizza.

Randy Santel of Springfield, Mo., took on a 28-inch pizza at Studebaker's Pizza. He was the first person to take the challenge, and he won.  The challenge had been issued way back in April 2018.

According to News 10, Santel ended up finishing the 28-inch pizza colossal challenge in less than 29 minutes and 9 seconds in front of a large crowd at the restaurant.  He even added some extra toppings to the pie, which upped the stakes on the challenge.  He threw on some olives and green peppers along with the one topping of chicken.

Santel found out about the pizza while reading reviews online.

"They said that it was still undefeated after all these years, so then I knew I really wanted to try it," Santel said.  He also said the pizza was delicious.

The chow-down was part of Santel's 34th birthday celebration, as well as his comeback after COVID-19 closings put the kibosh on eating competitions. Santel usually spends his time touring around and eating everything in sight  for his website, foodchallenges.com.

Next on the menu for Santel is a giant burger or sandwich as Black Meg 43 in Copperas Cove. That's scheduled for 6 PM Wednesday.

This is really making me want some Studebaker's pizza, but I'll leave the professional eating to Standel and just order a personal pizza.

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