If you have ever had children and went the disposable diaper route, you know how expensive a subscription that can be. Every day it feels like more businesses are moving into a membership based system, not just in the Killeen and Temple, Texas area.

It is not good enough to get a client to buy from you once, you want them coming back again and again. The government figured that out with the introduction of sales tax. No matter what you purchase, they get a little bit of the action every time.

Now, a proposed Texas House Bill 300 is looking to do away with the sales tax burden of customers when it comes to purchasing feminine hygiene and baby products. The bill passed the house by a vote of 145-2.

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So how long would the taxes be waived?

Permanently, this is not going to be similar to tax free weekends to purchase emergency preparedness items, or back to school supplies. Women and babies need items year round, and this will help curb some of those costs for repeat buys like diapers, bottles, tampons, and maternity clothing.

How much money will be saved?

The Legislative Budget Board estimates around $194 million dollars would go uncollected in the first 2 years alone. That's great for parents and females, but you better believe the state is going to want that money back from somewhere, or be prepared to see something slashed from the budget.

When would this become law?

The bill now moves to the Senate Finance Committee, where several senators have already joined Governor Abbot and Lt. Governor Patrick in voicing support. HB 300 could very easily be signed into law before summer.

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