A baby boy was found zipped inside a black suitcase at the Monterra Pointe Apartments in Arlington.

According to reports, a resident of the apartment was taking her trash out on Saturday around 8 am, when she heard crying coming from a black suitcase. Once the suitcase was unzipped she found a small baby boy with his umbilical cord and placenta still attached. The resident immediately called 911 and the baby was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Authorities have recently released photos of the suitcase and some of the items that the baby was found with. Officials are hopeful that someone will recognize these items and come forward.

A judge has already met with Child Protective Services to determine the custody of the baby. Once the baby is released from the hospital he will be sent to a foster family.

Officials have recently begun to call the infant Jason. Police are still searching diligently for the Jason's mother. Detectives have canvassed the apartment complex, and have advised local hospitals and emergency clinics to be on the look-out.  Authorities are concerned about the mother's  well-being and are also concerned about the family's medical history.


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