A family thought they had a good babysitter. Turns out she wasn't even watching their 11-month-old baby.

I have no kids of my own and I don't know to even go about finding a babysitter. Sure, leaving them with a family member or someone you know your whole life is different. Kelsey Paige Frazier is someone that you could hire in the Tyler, Texas area to be your child's babysitter.

I have a feeling she won't be allowed to do this work anymore after what she did with Alyssa and Eric Duffey's baby. Apparently Kelsey just left baby Addison in a closet the other day. No word on how often this happened to the poor baby, but she was caught this past week by a concerned neighbor.

The neighbor heard a dog barking in the apartment and went to investigate what was going on. Once in the apartment, she could hear a baby crying. Baby Addison was sitting in a rocker in the closed closet. The neighbor contacted the Duffeys, who then came there to get their baby and also called the police.

Kelsey Paige Frazier is now facing charges for abandoning and endangering a child.The Duffeys' say Kelsey came highly recommended and was with baby Addison since she was born. Now the Duffeys' have to wonder how often this was going on while their baby was with Kelsey.

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