Massive prostitution sting nabs 30.

Via Bell County Sheriff's Office

KWTX is reporting that Bell County Sheriff deputies, along with officers from Bryan and Temple, busted 30 men in two days.

It was a John suppression initiative targeting people seeking sex for money.

The surprise came when one of the men was found with a knife, six strands of rope, duct tape, and a body bag in his vehicle.

He was identified as a Ft. Hood soldier named Tyler Willison.

Via Bell County Sheriff's Office

A press release from the Bell county Sheriff's Department said the sting operation took place in two different location in Temple.

Among those busted included businessmen, 4 Ft. Hood Soldiers, two men who are currently on probation for unrelated offenses, and 3 who were transferred to Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials.

I know a lot of "strange" people, but none of them carry around a body bag. Plenty that have big duffle bags, but not a body bag.

Check out the story on KWTX for all the names.