Whether you love to golf or have never tried it before, it’s not easy. While it might seem like a simple concept actually getting your golf ball to go where you want it to go takes extreme skill and lots of patience, which is something that I have never been good at. But I have friends and family that love to go golfing, so I wanted to see where some of the best golf courses in Texas are located and I had no idea that one of the very best is located in Frankston, Texas. 

When I began searching around for golf courses, I only wanted to look for only public courses and it was great to see so many that are very well taken care of. I will admit that I have only played one round of golf in my life, but that course was horrible, I thought it would be good for a beginner, but it was not. Although if you are serious about the game of golf, make sure you get an instructor that way you aren’t just spending your time getting mad because you don’t really know what to do. Yes, learn from my mistakes.  

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There are Lots of Great Golf Courses to Choose from in Texas 

Because I don’t golf often, I was looking at courses thanks to an article on Golf Week, and they had a long list of great courses both public and private. But seeing as Frankston is just down the road from my house it was Pine Dunes Golf course that really caught my attention. 

Pine Dunes Golf in Frankston, TX Looks Amazing 

It’s been ranked one of the best in Texas by many golfing publications. While I haven’t played there myself the photos I’ve found online look incredible. Let’s look at some of the best public golf courses in Texas including Pine Dunes in Frankston.  

List of Some of the Best Public Golf Courses in Texas

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