Insect bites are very common in the Lone Star State, and can be incredibly dangerous when you consider the countless mosquitos that overrun our daily lives with the threat of West Nile Virus, and other blood born diseases that we are told of to constantly be wary. That is why what has occurred to a man in Houston, Texas brings a whole new level of fear to residents that live by the slogan, "Don't Mess With Texas."

Michael Kohlhof was already not feeling well when he left his home in Houston to travel to San Antonio in order to assist in the recovery of his mother who was scheduled to have an operation. While in San Antonio Kohlhof became so ill that he could not get out of bed, and eventually landed in the emergency room.

It was only then after arriving at the hospital that he was told he had contracted typhus, and that this particular type of the disease is transferred by a rare tick that is only found in Texas and California. Now, after being hospital bound for a month and having both hands as well as his toes and portions of his feet amputated, is he finally starting to turn the corner.

What is next for Kohlhof?

He still has a long road ahead with an entirely new life than the one he knew before getting sick. However, friends and family say he is remaining positive knowing that he was incredibly close to being gone.

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