Where are all my fishermen? Every fisherman is always looking for the big right? You may want to start fishing in San Angelo if you are looking for that record-breaking large-mouth bass.

On Monday a record-breaking largemouth bass was caught at Lake O.H. Ivie. When fishing for large-mouth bass anything caught over 10 pounds is considered a big one. Monday Jason Conn was fishing lake Ivie in San Angelo and reeled in a big one, a record-breaking big one. This largemouth bass weighed in at 17.03 pounds, making this the fish the eighth heaviest largemouth bass caught in Texas.

Texas Parks and Wildlife posted a photo of the fisherman Jason Conn and his catch!

Jason Conn just caught a top 50 largemouth bass from O.H. Ivie! ShareLunker 642 weighed in at 17.03 lbs and is one of the largest Lunkers to hit the scales in Texas history! His Legacy Class Lunker is the 8th heaviest Texas largemouth bass of all time. Amazing! Congrats!

If you are looking for another great place to catch largemouth bass apparently Lake Fork, which is located 65 miles east of Dallas.  Before Monday, here is the list of the 10 biggest largemouths caught in Texas, according to Texas Parks and Wildlife. As you can see Lake Fork has seven of the top 10.

1Lake Fork18.1825.501/24/1992Barry StClair
2Lake Fork17.6727.5011/26/1986Mark Stevenson
3Lake Fork17.6428.004/1/1989Stan Moss
4Lake Fork17.6326.258/28/1990Jerry L. New
5Lake Fork17.292/14/1988Larry Barnes
6Lake Fork17.0825.502/26/1991Troy Coates
7O. H. Ivie17.0627.252/24/2022Brodey Davis
8Pinkston16.9027.662/16/1986Earl Crawford
9Lake Fork16.8925.502/8/1993Bryan Turner
10Sam Rayburn16.8028.755/31/1997Tommy Shelton

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