Say it isn't so! The Guinness World Record for the longest horns on a TEXAS longhorn belongs to a steer in Alabama. Poncho Via, a 7-year-old longhorn from Goodwater, Alabama sports horns measuring out 10 feet 7.4 inches. That beats out the previous record holder, Sato, a Texas longhorn from Texas by about an inch.

Alabama beating a Texas Longhorn. Oh no, I'm getting flashbacks!

Well, the thing is 'Poncho Via' is a cool name and one of his owners is named George Jones, so you can't go too wrong being associated with a George Jones. Maybe I'm coming around a bit. Technically he's still a Texan, right?

Alright Poncho, you won fair and square and we like you. Still, ranchers across the Lone Star State - it's paramount we breed a record holder and take back what is rightfully ours!



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