Thanksgiving is next week (Thursday, November 26), and I think it's safe to say we're all going to have a lot of grease left over from cooking. After all, 'tis the season for homemade comfort food and fried turkey.

It's traditional here in the South to save your cooking grease in a jar, but if you'd rather get rid of it in a safe and responsible way (you're REALLY not supposed to pour that stuff down the sink), Temple Fire & Rescue will be happy to take off your hands this year.

They'll host a free cooking oil recycling from Thursday, November 26 through Sunday, November 29 at these Temple fire stations:

Central Fire Station, 210 N. 3rd St.

Fire Station #3, 3606 Midway Dr.

Fire Station #4, 411 Waters Dairy Rd.

Fire Station #7, 8420 W. Adams Ave.

You can drop off that greasy goodness between 8 AM and 5 PM each day. Just be sure that it's in a closed container, or they can't accept it. Think about it: Would you want a bunch of grease sloshed all over you? (If you would, no judgement. Just be courteous to the folks accepting this grease for recycling.)

If you plan to hang on to your grease, the folks at Bon Appétit have some great tips and information on how to do that in a way that's safe (grease burns suuuuuck) and can help you ensure that your grease doesn't have chunks in it that can make your next dish taste all kinds of nasty.

If you do plan to fry a turkey, make sure you know what you're doing.

When deep frying turkeys for Thanksgiving started to trend about a decade ago, one of my cousins almost caused Armageddon because he didn't do his homework.

It's a long story, but anyway, the video below gives you a quick visual guide on how to fry that bird right and not end up on the news.

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