I've been around flooding my whole life. I know people who lived in New orleans a block away from the major flood wall breach during Katrina; their homes filled with nine feet of water in twenty minutes. I've been fortunate - I've never lived in an area which floods even a little. My mom and dad live along a bayou, but they are buffered by a golf course which serves as an overflow for the bayou when it rains too much. Once the rain reached the edge of the property line and we began to worry. Others are not so fortunate.

Last night's rain was a not-so-subtle reminder of the recent Texas flooding. There are still those displaced, folks still needing assistance whether it's a hot meal or mental health services to deal with the stress and pain of their losses.

Every time there's a disaster or tragedy, the Red Cross is there. For the past few weeks, they've been here in Texas helping. One of their partners in getting hot meals to those who need it is the Southern Baptist Disaster Kitchen, an official ministry of the Southern Baptists. "Southern Baptist Disaster Relief is Christian love in action," says the website of the North American Mission Board. This outpouring brings me to tears.

And now, this awful massacre in Orlando. The Red Cross is not playing as large of a role in this event - Orlando is not a remote rural area and has hospitals and public safety infrastructure to handle unfortunate events - but they are providing some blood to hospitals in that area. Naturally, they always need blood donations which help in many situations. You can give blood. Make an appointment  by using the Red Cross Blood Donor App,  at redcrossblood.org, or calling 1-800-RED CROSS. Trust me, it's appreciated.

While you're at it, hug someone. You never know how bad of a day they've been having.

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