A rare blue lobster was saved from a buttery ending.

According to a report from NPR, a blue American lobster was found at the Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Red Lobster location in a shipment of live lobsters for the week. Workers were shocked to see a blue lobster, and the little crustacean piqued their curiosity.

The blue American lobster was placed in the tank along with the usual red lobsters, but employees were careful to not let anyone mistakenly take the blue lobster to the kitchen.  The crew at Red Lobster decided to name their new friend Clawde, just like the mascot for the restaurant.

The manager at Red Lobster called the corporate office and explained the odd predicament. It turns out that scientists believe only one of two million american lobsters are blue. The corporate office reached out to Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Program, who helped connect the restaurant to the Akron Zoo.

Clawde was taken to the Akron Zoo where workers checked the animal's health and discovered that Clawde is female. Clawde is in good health and has her own tank where she can rest and relax until the zoo feels that she's comfortable enough to be put on public display.

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