It's looking more likely that Fort Hood will change its name, as officials are meeting with a naming commission and asking for community input.

The effort to change the name has picked up momentum over the last year or so because Fort Hood is one of 10 military establishments named after a Confederate leader. The passing of the National Defense Authorization Act on January 1 of this year will allow the renaming of all 10 bases to be changed within three years.

Adam Schindler with KXXV Channel 25 reports that Fort Hood will meet with a naming commission to discuss options on the name change.

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Domingo Garcia, National President of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) says, ”This is a formal hearing to allow for community input to allow for the renaming of the base. And they will be hearing not only form LULAC but leaders from other community organizations and mayors from surrounding cities.”

Garcia has been trying to get the base renamed after sergeant Roy Benavidez for over a decade saying, ”We've been struggling for over ten years honor sergeant Roy Benavidez. A medal of honor winner and a great American hero. Rambo was based on his life and the fact is that it is long overdue.”

There are those opposed to renaming Fort Hood like retired U.S Army Veteran and Founder of Operation Phantom Support, John Valentine, who tells Channel 25,  ”For us, that takes away part of who we were and part of who we were with when those tragic things happened in our lives.”

Valentine goes on to say he understands why people want to change the name, but wants to make sure it's done the right way and that the community has a voice in the decision.

Fort Hood has seen its share of issues over the last couple of years. A new name won't erase those issues, but perhaps it can help in taking the steps to become "The Great Place" once again.

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