Residents responded big time and helped out a local volunteer fire department that was low on bottled water and other drinks to keep firefighters hydrated during the summer months.

According to News 10, the Robinson Volunteer Fire Department took a picture of their almost empty refrigerator and posted it to social media and asked for help to fill it up.

"WE NEED YOUR HELP!" was the post they put out there.

The local volunteer fire department stays very busy, responding to 800 calls alone last year, and this year is already turning out to be even busier.

They also posted a wish list on Amazon to get help.

200 cases of water and other drinks such as Gatorade have been dropped off so far, and they have received over 1,000 donations which is awesome!

These men and women put their lives on the line for their community every day, and they volunteer to do it.  It's great the community responded and helped the firefighters fill up their fridge!

Thanks to all the first responders out there laying it all on the line to serve their community. We appreciate ya!

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