If you have driven through a neighborhood recently in Temple, Texas you may have noticed a pair of black or dark colored cord like objects extending from one curb to the other across the street with a small control box at one end. There are many theories for their sudden existence, but don't worry they are not some type of elaborate speed trap.

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You don't actually need to have been riding through Temple to catch one of these set up because they are all over Texas as well as several other states at the moment. You will most often find them in residential areas, located near the center of the block, and ideally away from driveways as much as possible.

So, what exactly is the purpose of these cables?

Believe it or not, their primary purpose is to count the number of vehicles on the street, and the data can be broken down into many categories from daily, to hourly, and even by the minute or second. Based on the spacing of these tubes, you can actually determine whether or not a car is speeding simply by the amount of time between the tires hitting them.

We are told that function isn't utilized in America, but we're told a lot of things around here, aren't we? The tubes are mostly used to remotely understand the traffic volume and patterns much like the mounted cameras you see on traffic lights.

If the data determines changes need to be made, this is why we see new traffic patterns being constructed like 4-way stops, round-a-bouts, and additional signal lights.

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