A group of thieves robbed employees and customers at a car dealership in Central Texas.

According to a report from our news partners at KWTX, Richard Karr Motors at 900 West Loop 340 was robbed on Tuesday at approximately 6:45 AM.

The suspects were armed and wearing masks. FOX 44 is reporting that the thieves took cellphones, wallets, and purses from employees and customers. Afterwards the group fled the scene in a white F150 truck.

Authorities later found the truck abandoned near Jessup Housing at 1001 West Loop 340, just south of the dealership. Police say that the vehicle had been stolen from Nolanville.

“Thankfully no physical injuries were reported, but this was a violent crime that will leave scars none the less,” Bynum said.

Just imagine, you have your stimulus, maybe even an early tax refund and you head on over to your local dealership. Then, BAM, you're being robbed right alongside the employees all before 7 AM. I would be so over everything for the rest of the day.


Hopefully the police catch these thieves and are able to return what ever valuables were taken.

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