I've had a man-crush on Johnny Depp for some time.  Not just because he's adorable and never seems to age, but because of the cool stuff he does for others without being prompted to do so.  He's now got competition.

It was back during the mass-filming of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies that Johnny Depp took time off to visit a school classroom after receiving a letter from a student claiming to have a tyrant of a teacher.  Depp was inspired enough to make a personal appearance in the classroom on an off-day from the filming schedule... as Captain Jack Sparrow.



The video for Depp's appearance is just grainy, early camera phone footage, and that's what makes his appearance even more incredible.  He wasn't doing it for the publicity.  He was doing it because he's a cool dude.  That being said, move over Johnny Depp, because you've been one-upped by Iron Man.

Just the fact that we're talking about a living, breathing Robert Downey, Jr. is amazing in its own right.  Nobody thought in 1998 that Downey, Jr. would be anything other than another cautionary tale of Hollywood excess, much like Belushi and River Phoenix.  Something clicked with Downey, Jr., and he's thrived in sobriety, winning countless awards and the hearts of Marvel fans everywhere with his roles.

I remember hearing about a college student using a 3-D printer to create prosthetics specifically for kids, and apparently Tony Stark heard about it, as well.  The guy is just cool, Stuart Scott-style, as the other side of the pillow, but we've got to give credit to the youngster getting his prosthetic because he, too, was beyond cool given the magnitude of who was in the room with him.