Made another trip to the US105 transmitter today to finish fixing it and put it back up to 100% power (YAY!) and FINALLY got to bust out the acetylene torch and melt some stuff.  In my rush to get to the transmitter the fastest thing I could grab that I thought would make for a good meltin' was a T-Pain Voice Changing Microphone.  Hey, it's a radio station and who doesn't have a T-Pain Voice Changing Microphone!  Lets move past the fact that there just happened to be a T-Pain Voice Changing Microphone handy and move on to my glorious meltin' experience.

Now I am positive that your first question is where YOU can get a T-Pain Voice Changing Microphone so you can use an acetylene torch the FUN way...  However in the interest of actually providing some useful information in this article, here is the proper way to use the torch.