Today a few of my female coworkers ran into my office and showed me a news article with the headline reading: The Notebook 2 Filming in Temple, Texas, Plot Details Released. They asked if this is real - so I did a little fact checking.

No. This is not real. Just like the band Limp Bizkit didn't play at a gas station in Ohio, we've all been victims of the Internet trend of hoax stories. By law, sites like these are supposed to disclaim that it is a satire news site with fictitious stories. The Temple, Texas story came from and if you go to the About section, you can see the disclaimer. Plus, when the 'contact us' bit is super generic (and has a Gmail account instead of the actual website), bet you're probably looking on a shady site.

Here is most of the story, which by the way, is verbatim to other stories published back in March about the Notebook 2, except in Des Moines, Tucson and Jacksonville.

HOLLYWOOD, California – The very popular 2004 romantic drama film The Notebook is finally getting a sequel. Producers of the upcoming film confirmed the news today and announced that filming will begin in Temple, Texas starting next spring.

A screenplay written by Nicholas Sparks was approved just last week and Nick Cassavetes has already signed on again as director. Also, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams will return as their characters, Noah and Allie. Few details of the upcoming film have been released so far but the short description released this morning shows that several years after their wedding the couple have moved to Temple, Texas for a period of time before eventually returning to Seabrook. The film will take place primarily in the Temple area and will film on location there as well. A casting call for extras will reportedly take place in the Temple area later this year.

Sorry Gosling fans, you may just have to re-watch the original or my favorite Gosling flick, Drive.

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