Despite what you may have heard, the ban on Russian alcohol products has not hit the liquor stores in Killeen, Texas.

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Following the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine, many states in the U.S., along with other countries worldwide, have vowed to stop selling Russian-made products.

Russian Vodka

Tribeca Film Festival 2012 After-Party For Trishna, Hosted By Stolichnaya Vodka, At Hotel Chantelle - 4/27/12
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According to the Wall Street Journal, 11 states have stopped selling Russian-made alcohol, including Alabama, Maine, Utah, New Hampshire, North Carolina, West Virginia, Ohio, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Oregon.

Russian Vodka in Texas

So has Texas stopped selling Russian vodka? No, although Texas Gov. Greg Abbott did issue a statement asking stores and restaurants to stop selling Rusky spirits, Tweeting, “Texas stands with Ukraine." However, he didn't officially ban the sale of Russian products, meaning Russian vodka is still available on the shelves of Killeen liquor stores.

Patriotic Alternatives to Russian Vodka

If you just can't imagine your weekend without some vodka to burn the week away, may I recommend some labels that won't put any rubles in Ivan Vodkavich's account?

Texas Vodka

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Here's an idea, and one you probably already know, but Texas-made vodka is pretty good. Tito's out of Austin is a great vodka and always recommended over the Russian brands.

Dan Aykroyd Vodka

Total Wine and More
Total Wine and More

Have you ever had the vodka brand from Dan Aykroyd, Crystal Skull Vodka? It may be hard to find in Texas and I'm not sure of the taste (having never had it myself), but the bottle is pretty cool.

Truth is, stopping the sale of Russian made vodka will do very little to affect Russia. It's mainly just a show of support for the people of Ukraine. According to the Distilled Spirits Council of The United States, Vodka is the best-selling spirit in the U.S., but Russian vodka only accounted for $18.5 million of all vodka sales to the U.S. in 2021.

Kind of sounds like we don't drink much Russian vodka as it is.

Banning Russian vodka is a noble sentiment for sure, but with very little impact on Russia, I doubt it'll factor into whether or not Putin withdraws or continues his siege of Ukraine.

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