Ryan Adams' 1989 cover songs project is chugging along, and he shared his latest in-progress effort last night (August 12). Is Ryan a covert member of Taylor Swift's promo team? Because "Wildest Dreams" is Taylor's next single, and that's the very same song Adams happened to pick next. That's synergy in action, people.

Adams tweeted a snippet of his version, along with a slow close-up visual of his studio (nosy people like me who enjoy staring at peoples' stuff will note the Foreigner sticker and his choice toys collection, complete with Back To The Future cars). Adams swaps the original's sparkly pop production for slowed-down warm acoustic tones, and presto — the track gets new life as an alt-country lament.

It does sound like the musician decided to pull a slight lyrical changeup in his version: He's singing to someone "standing in your nice dress, starin' at the sunset." If this is the case, it's doubtful that his love will be "so tall and handsome as hell," too. Will the song's central meaning change with this POV shift? Singing from a girl's perspective won't make you any less of a man, Ryan!

Is it crazy to want Lana Del Rey to reinvent "Wildest Dreams" next? The wistful themes, the "babe"s, the nothing lasts forever sentiments — Taylor even dips into Lana's vocal territory with her delivery of the "nice dress" line...

What's your opinion of Adams' latest 1989 revamp teaser? Let us know in the comments.

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