No one can argue that Taylor Swift's star isn't burning bright right now, especially in Texas.

Swifties everywhere in the state flocked to both Arlington and Houston to see their favorite artist perform. If reviews are to be believed, everybody in the stadium left with a multitude of emotions after the show was over. But for some, perhaps across the state, they was a question that popped into their heads.

"Why couldn't have Taylor come closer to my area?"

Let's all be real with each other, traveling from Point A to Point B in the Lone Star State is sometimes rather a pain in the butt. I mean, the roads around Texas are sometimes scary aren't they? However, the was a chance that fans of Taylor were almost able to travel to one more city in Texas to witness the grand performance.

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But, there's so many cities in the Lone Star State, who could've held a performance like that? Well it looks like none other than:

San Antonio!

Yes, according to the San Antonio Business Journal, San Antonio almost became Swift Antonio. But...was caused the idea to not become a reality? In short, the city was simply too busy.

The Alamodome was the stadium set to host, but with so many events pre-planned for the arena, it was simply impossible to get Taylor into the city. Which, we're sorry Swifties.

But here's the thing...there's always a chance during her next tour right?

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