Lainey Wilson was born and raised in the small town of Baskin in Northeast Louisiana, but after another sold out performance in Texas over the weekend, it feels like it's time to just make her officially Texan. We could always take the other route and simply conquer the state to the east, some already believe Shreveport to be an East Texas city anyway.

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As a former resident of Northeast Louisiana and now a fully vetted, card carrying resident Texan, I can fully attest that all of the pieces that goes into what we love best about Texas are pumping through the veins of Wilson. She has been writing songs since she was 9 years old, and those 20 years of hard work have been paying off big time for her over the last year of awards like collaborative video of the year.

When was Lainey Wilson's last concert in Texas?

It was just this weekend, Friday night in Round Rock.

What are some reasons to make Lainey Wilson a Texan?

Can think of a couple right off the top, and those would be she's got the accent for it. She's also a winner, and we love anything in Texas most, it is winning!

After watching her perform in the above video, you also can't help but notice she loves playing to sold out Texas crowds. She's also super kind enough to take pictures with my daughter, Royal, and had genuine fun doing it.


No matter how you build your case, Wilson would make an awesome Texan, and we'd be lucky to have her. If you want to experience a real Texas Country evening, check out Easton Corbin coming soon to Salado!

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