Let's be real with each other, rising prices give us all a major headache don't they? It seems like every time we blink the price of any item goes up five cents. Which leads to frustration and just overall bad moods.

Some of our favorite things have undergo rises in price. Clothes, toys, jewelry, you name it. So to say the least, some of us are consistently trying to keep money in the bank and still afford the items we need.

One of those other items we need? Food of course! But finding deals at restaurants is also difficult right?

Well Thanks To One Server At Texas Roadhouse, Your Wallet Takes Less Of A Hit!

We head to everyone's favorite video sharing site these days, Tik Tok, where a waitress at the establishment provides a pretty helpful tip:

Ok, that definitely works for us. More food, and more sides all for the same price? We're totally down to try this.

But what if you want something else besides say steak? Well, Hanny has got you covered! Here's another tip regarding a "secret menu:"

Ok, one more tip, this regarding seafood:

Long story short, it looks like we'll have to put these in the old bag of tricks the next time we go to Texas Roadhouse. We hate to even put this into the universe, but hopefully these hacks don't go away. That, or they start charging for the rolls...

Will you be trying these soon? Let us know by sending us a message on our FREE station app!

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