I've waded through the Twitter-verse noise of the first week of May to bring you some of the best "Scene-lebrity" tweets. Check out what your favorite Texas Music "Scene-lebrities" were up to this week -- or at least the ones that appear to actually be tweeting themselves.

Ending my Tuesday on a pretty high note! Can't say THANK YOU enough to everyone for buying the album.


Yep, I just fangirled Pudge Rodriquez at the airport! Ha!

Now THAT is a loyal fan… Looks good, Justin! #RecklessKelly


@departed_music (Cody Canada):
May the 4th be with you.


Paying respects at the crash site that claimed the lives of the legendary Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and Big Bopper.


80% of my time in the hardware store is spent picking things up and saying "I could beat the HELL out of somebody with this."

@rrbchoir (Randy Rogers Band):
Can't stop listening to @ChrisStapleton's #Traveller. If you haven't already, go get it. Trust me people.

Banks should not close at 4 PM. What's this? Money doesn't sleep. It especially doesn't close before five.

Played 3 acoustic shows & not 1 person mentioned the huge gap in my eyebrow.


Props to @zacbrownband for an epic and creative new album! I'm a little sad tho 2 see another superstar abandon traditional country sound.

@GettinSweenered (Sunny Sweeney):
When you're in public and realize there's at least one, possibly two, dryer sheets stuck in the knee of your skinny jeans #itsnotatumor

Yesterday @LoneStarJam with some of my favorite people...Music fans from The Lone Star State!!!


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