Work days are always so long in Texas aren't they? Whether it be due to workload, not having slept enough, or the amount of items you have to do at your job, there's always something that makes us tired. Which, in turn, makes us excited to go home.

After all, home is a place to rest and relax, maybe enjoy a cold beverage or two if the day was longer than expected. But here's the thing, sometimes things also gone wrong at home too. Unpleasant to say the least right?

But there's many things that could go wrong at home, what are we taking about exactly? Well, certain animals entering your home unannounced.

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What Animal Could Enter Your Texas Home Without Warning?

Sadly, it's something a little more scary than a spider or ant. Scorpions entering a home in Texas is a very real possibility that residents in the state might experience. But why would a scorpion want to enter your home? Well, mainly for water, and much like regular humans, relief from the Lone Star heat.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, out of the 1,500 species of these little animals, 18 of them can be seen in the state of Texas. Which, is 18 too many if you ask us.

Scorpions are mainly more night critters than day walkers, so the potential of them trying to make your home their home as well is decent. Hopefully though, they leave you alone. If you need some tips about keeping them away from your home, click here.

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