In my 35 years of living I can remember only once or twice that I've been in a hail storm.  I've seen plenty of video, but I've been fortunate to avoid it... until Friday.  Damage to my truck aside, keeping a tweaked pooch and 6-year-old calm was the toughest part.

I arrived with my dog and my younger son, Logan, at Belton Lake for our first camping trip of the year about 30 minutes before the storm hit.  I was in the process of setting up our pop-up camper when a neighboring camper told me hail was coming.  I immediately popped it back down and decided to wait it out in the truck.

If you look past the fact that I should have listened to Matt Hines and headed to a sturdy shelter, I think my soothing parenting kept everyone calm as we got bombarded by golf ball (and larger) sized hail.  Just like with a wild animal, never show fear around your kids and they might just remain as calm.