Being the middle child sucks.  That's reason #1 that I'm good with my two boys I have already.  The 3rd kid means someone's always in the middle, and that someone always gets the short end of the stick.

Growing up as the middle child I always thought that my parents loved my older brother and younger sister more than me.  Not because of anything they said or did, but because that's just what middle kids do... we gripe and moan about being the middle kid.

Now, in a shocking discovery, I've finally found the evidence I've been seeking.  I've finally proven my mom doesn't love me as much as the others.  While visiting my mom last week at her wonderful lake-front resort Horseshoe Inn & Campground I opened the top dresser drawer in the guest room I'd been sleeping in to see if I'd placed my wallet in there the night before.  I didn't find my wallet, but I did find something else completely shocking.

Sitting in that dresser drawer was a framed picture... of me... from elementary school.  Someone (let's blame mom just for fun) decided the best place for a picture of me as a young child was hidden away in a dresser.  Finally, I had the proof I needed that my mom was ashamed of me and wanted to erase proof of my existence.

All that was left to do was to confront her with my hard evidence.