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The Houston Astros celebrated their big World Series victory with a parade in Houston on Monday. The celebration brought out a big crowd and was a festive experience for the most part.

United States Senator Ted Cruz, a big Astros fan, was riding on one of the floats in the parade and waving at the crowd when he was hit with a beer can. According to KXAN, the beer can assault happened in the 2400 block of Smith Street as the float slowed down and Cruz was waving to the crowd.

The can hit Cruz in the chest and neck area. He did not need medical attention, according to police.

HPD officers arrested the man accused of throwing the can without incident, and he faces assault charges. HPD tweeted the suspect’s name and booking photo will be released to the public once chargers are formally filed.

For his part, Senator Ted Cruz seemed to have a little fun with the incident posting on Twitter that he was thankful for "Houston Police and Capitol Police" and that he was thankful that the "clown" that threw the "white claw" had a "noodle arm".

Still, this is an act of violence and violence against an elected official that should be condemned. If you don't like Cruz, go ahead and give him grief, but throwing objects? That's just stupid.

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