A Texas high school has suspended 40 seniors for what most are calling a "harmless" senior prank.

Apparently coronavirus can not only leave you with loss of smell and taste, but loss of a sense of humor as well. People is reporting that a senior prank at Comfort High School, which is about 50 miles Northwest of San Antonio, has landed around 40 seniors in a two-week in-school suspension.

Parents are outraged, as the prank is considered harmless by just about everybody except school officials.

So, what was the prank?

They "forked the field."

Literally - they put plastic forks into the football field along with a couple of other innocent pranks like putting some balloons inside the school and placing a “For Sale” sign on the school grounds.

Seems pretty innocent, right? I remember my senior prank involved assembling a Volkswagen Bug in the principal's office while wiring the entire row of hallway lockers shut and raising some underwear up the flagpole. In those days, everybody just laughed it off as good clean fun -nobody got in trouble. Boy, how times have changed.

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The administration of the school announced the punishment for these hardened criminals the day following the prank.

Shannon Tonroy, the mother of the class valedictorian, says at first she thought the suspensions were the school’s way of pranking the students in return, then found out the suspensions were for real.

Morgan Burrell, a local reporter, tweeted pictures of the “damage” to the school.

Hope Jay, who is the mother of two seniors involved in the prank, pointed out that there was “no damage, no destruction, no graffiti, no defacing of property, and no police reports.”

So how could these student be facing such a harsh punishment? School administrators have yet to comment on their decision.

School officials need to relax.

Yeah, it's been a challenging year for students, teachers, and staff alike, but after a year of pandemic forced virtual educating, these kids were just having some innocent fun.


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