Yikes! Macklemore had some fans in an uproar after he donned a controversial costume while performing in Seattle over the weekend, wearing a black wig, beard and fake nose that many interpreted as a hurtful caricature of a longstanding Jewish stereotype. 

According to the Huffington Post, Macklemore's performance was part of an exhibit opening called 'Spectacle: The Music Video,' but the 'Thrift Shop' rapper didn't make any reference to his questionable attire throughout the show. Of course, that hasn't stopped many others from questioning it. Even Seth Rogen took the time to call Macklemore out on the costume, writing:

But Macklemore later took to the social media site to clarify the costume, claiming:

Still, that answer wasn't enough for Rogen, who refused to back down, retorting:

Whether or not Macklemore actually meant any offense with his costume, it is easy to see how it could have been interpreted as an anti-Semitic outfit. Check out the pictures below.

Suzi Pratt, FilmMagic
Suzi Pratt, FilmMagic