I smelled something fishy as soon as I saw this video making the rounds.

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NBA Hall of Famer and prolific spokesperson Shaquille O'Neal is currently an analyst on one of the most entertaining shows on television in my opinion, Inside the NBA. It's a very loose show with a lot of smack-talking among the hosts.

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So when they opened the show with the video below featuring Shaq standing by a Houston police officer with sirens blazing, you just knew he was going to be teased about it for the entire show.

But something just didn't seem right.  The police officer just seemed a little too comfortable joking around on camera.  He looks straight into the camera and delivers his lines flawlessly, and never once looks at Shaq, one of the most famous people on this planet. Is this guy an actor?

One of the replies on Twitter offered an explanation.

So Shaq and this "Miles" guy have allegedly been friends for years, and he does security work for Shaq when he's in Houston.

Intrigued, I scoured the interwebs to try and find any evidence of this friendship, and lo and behold, look what I found from 2019. Apparently not only do they know each other well, but they also commit great acts of kindness together.

So there you have it, I've solved the mystery of the great Shaq fake arrest video of 2023.  You can tuck your kids in bed tonight knowing the world is a safe place again.

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