Want to bring your dog out to eat with you? Well, now you can!

Getty Images/iStockphoto

A bill recently passed by the Texas Senate (SB 476) states that restaurants could allow dogs in outdoor dining areas if they do the following:

-Post a conspicuous sign indicating dogs are welcome

-Only allow dogs to access the outdoor dining area directly from the exterior of the establishment

-Never allow dogs to enter the interior of the establishment

-Require customers to keep their dogs leashed

-Do not allow dogs on seats, table, countertops, or similar surfaces

-Do not prepare or permit open food other than what is being served to a customer

So if this bill does become law, remember: you can’t have your dog sitting in a seat, on a table, or on a countertop, so if you want to give ole Tiger your leftover macaroni it will have to be placed on the floor.

There's also another thing you'll need to keep in mind. According to KTVT-TV, dogs will NOT be allowed at establishments that that prepare food in the outdoor dining area or feature open food displays like buffets.

The legislation doesn't require businesses to welcome your dog, but it would give them the option.

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