Making confetti of your ex in real life will get you life without parole, but at Hooters, it'll get you a free plate of wings on Valentine's Day.

Yes, if a bitter breakup left a sour taste in your mouth, drown it in buffalo sauce, as the old saying goes. Head to Hooters on February 14 with a picture of your ex, run it through their paper shredder, then order a plate of wings to get 10 additional wings free.

I would point out the irony of being served enough to feed two people when you're showing up alone to let a Hooters girl destroy a copy of a photo of an ex you kept laying around, but hey, maybe you'll meet another jaded heart and have a wing fling.

If you'd rather take the wings home and binge revenge movies on Netflix while you eat in the dark under a throw blanket, Hooters can help with that too. You can shred a digital image of your ex (or any random picture. as we demonstrated in the video above) at, then print a coupon and get 'em to go.

Maybe this will prove therapeutic for some people, but personally, I'd try to have some fun with it. Maybe print a photo of a celebrity crush or your dream car and have them shred that. I mean, the worse the Hooters girl can do is laugh, and making a pretty lady laugh is always a shot in the arm.

If you're not single and you want to score a fantastic Valentine's Day prize pack for your sweetie, check out our Valentine's Day Giveaway. You don't have to shred an ex to get your hands on prizes from our awesome sponsors, but you can if you wanna.

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